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The NWT Judo Association provides in school and out of school judo programming throughout Fort Liard in partnership with the DDEC (Dehcho Divisional Education Council) with the goal of introducing judo to indigenous students, athletes and practitioners of all ages and guiding them in judo, whether that be in recreational programs or developing them towards high performance sport.


This program is lead by Tony Corbin. Tony was brought on to work for the NWT Judo Association as a full time coach out of the community of Fort Liard and arrived in early February. An avid outdoorsman, he not only looked forward to this new opportunity to teach judo, but also towards relocating to this beautiful community.

Tony started judo as a boy in Newfoundland. He began coaching in Newfoundland for many years, and for the last 7 years, has been coaching judo in Fort McMurray Alberta. Tony has experience teaching judo both in school as well as in after school programs and is a great addition to the team. 

Tony is of Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation. Qalipu (pronounced: ha-lee-boo, meaning: caribou)
is part of the traditional Mi’kmaq Nation whose territory extends from Quebec through the
Maritime Provinces and into Newfoundland and is one of the largest First Nation groups in

Sensei Tony Corbin in Fort Liard


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Winter 2023

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NWT Judo strives to increase the physical activity of people throughout the territory with Judo, and is dedicated to developing judoka from grassroots to high performance athletes. We work to provide a fun learning atmosphere both in the school system, specifically throughout the Dehcho District, as well as hubs in Yellowknife and Inuvik.

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