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For kids 7 and above, our recreational judo program is a safe and fun way to reduce stress while increasing one’s physical fitness, confidence and overall well being. Judo is a martial art that allows judoka to learn respect, discipline, responsibility and control. 

We are located at 113 Kam Lake Rd. at the side entrance of the building please fill in a waiver online before arrival.

Recreational Judo

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  • Recreational judo runs from January to mid March and the cost of the program is a one time payment of $125. 


NWT Judo strives to increase the physical activity of people throughout the territory with Judo, and is dedicated to developing judoka from grassroots to high performance athletes. We work to provide a fun learning atmosphere both in the school system, specifically throughout the Dehcho District, as well as hubs in Yellowknife and Inuvik.

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