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Judo in Schools

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The NWT Judo Association works in partnership with schools across the Territory to offer students the opportunity to practice judo. Judo is a martial art that translates to “The Gentle way”. It teaches self control, respect, friendship and discipline amongst many other core values.


Not only will judo develop your mind, but it is also a great and safe way to increase your physical fitness. The skills achieved while learning judo are valuable in everyday life, notably, the skill of learning how to fall. Learning how to fall, prevents injury and allows for safer participation in other sports. Our objective is to promote and teach judo throughout schools in a fun and engaging way for your students!


We currently offer our in school judo program throughout the DDEC (Dehcho Divisional Education Council).



NWT Judo strives to increase the physical activity of people throughout the territory with Judo, and is dedicated to developing judoka from grassroots to high performance athletes. We work to provide a fun learning atmosphere both in the school system, specifically throughout the Dehcho District, as well as hubs in Yellowknife and Inuvik.

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